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V I S U A L  M A N T R A S

Michael Hawk's moving works and installations follow basic
Rhythms of life: changing forms by variable movement over time.
Often he invites us to an unexpected view of familiar patterns.
He paints - often in real-time - by means of projection on surfaces
such as buildings,
Containers and on natural forms like trees. Here the works lead to a kind of 'magical' change and become medial narratives, the analogous
About ritual gestures of a shaman who, in the midst of his tribe
 And under the influence of certain energies, hidden elementary
Connections. Calling himself an 'artnomade', Hawk invites
Places with his picture stories.


According to defined biological conditions,
Carefully observe, with time, and we increasingly no longer recognize
 The connection between the components of what we see.
As an intertwining of
art and architectural space, Michael Hawk combines the structures of traditional art presentation into a form of new contemporary concepts. By means of varying techniques
These works serve as a 'biological, non-linear magnifying glass', enabling a more accurate perception of formative processes.

After Hamburg and Berlin, the artist lives and works in Rotenburg in Lower Saxony, where he develops his nomadic works, including projects like FATA MORGANA,
a series of installations in public space. Currently, the artist is working on 'CineGoRound' - high-resolution endless animated loops as a result from photographs and digital image processing.


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